FAQ with Local Photographer Bell Long

What services do you offer?

Any kind of photography I offer! I love to do the house photos, but I also do portrait photos, family photos and nature photos 

How long have you been taking photos?

I have been taking photos for five years.

As a seller, what can I do to prepare my home prior to photos?

Make sure everything is clean and ready to go before the photos are taken, that way in case we don’t miss anything when we pick up or accidentally have anything in the background to make it look bad. 

When you take photos of houses what all do you take photos of? 

I take photos of the inside & outside of every corner of the house and I usually start with the outside of the house first! Then normally I’ll go to the first/base of the house and work my way around to the attic and then the basement 

What are the easiest houses to take photos of?

Normally the bigger ones because of how open they are and there’s so much more space to capture.

What makes it difficult to take photos of a home? 

The windows are normally what I have troubles with. Some have a glare and some don’t, you just have to work with it! 

Does it make a difference if I clean up for photos?

Yes! It helps out and makes a huge difference!

What are some ways to make a space look larger?

Not as much furniture, the larger houses usually are fine with furniture in the house, but the smaller ones get a bit difficult depending on where the furniture is at in the photo. 

Any other tips?

Not that I can think of! I love working with you and taking photos of the houses! Meeting others is great and helping out is what I’m here for!