Leap Day

On Leap Day, I think about a little town called Timberville. I think about my favorite porch and white swing. I think of endless amounts of ice cream and Coke. I think about the tulips that are probably coming up in the front yard. On Leap Day, I think about my Pa.

My grandfather, Raye Z Litten, was an incredible State Farm agent and mayor of his little town in the Shenandoah Valley. He was the epitome of a “Great Neighbor”. He wasn’t someone that taught with words. He taught by actions. So much of my business is based around lessons I learned from him. His old insurance sign actually hangs in my office!

My goal is to be a good neighbor and care about my clients and my community like my Pa. He had a really big heart and really tried to take care of people like family. People always say, “If you could talk to one person again…”, it would be my Pa. He was a really incredible, goofy grandpa and I miss him so much.